Learning Curve

MJ Console Selfie  

I thought I’d spend five minutes saying, “Hello, world! My new album is about to be released, and I can’t wait to share it.”  But, alas, I’ve burned an hour trying to figure out why this picture uploaded upside-down.  Really.  It did, but now it’s right side-up, presumably because I’m posting it to show you just how upside-down it is (was).  Even though it no longer is… 

Sometimes you simply have to find amusement in the irony.  Life will throw you a curveball that looks like it’ll knock you down, but you stay focused and take a swing if you want to stay in the game.  That’s what this newfangled blogging thing seems like to this old-timer: a swing to remain relevant in a game that I helped shape. 

This is going to be fun. Play ball!